Keywords and Strategies



Keyword Density and Other Basic SEO Strategies:

There are some aspects of SEO that can be utilized by anyone designing a website, without any prior experience in using SEO strategies. Furthermore, these strategies have the potential to greatly increase traffic to your website. Even though they are often quite simple to do, they are often overlooked by beginners. It is important to focus on having a certain number of keywords on your website. In fact, this is one of the most important principles of SEO. Also, the use of meta descriptions can help to improve your SEO. It also is recommended to keep the title of your page relatively short. These are just a few basic recommendations for SEO that can be utilized by anyone.

With regard to keyword density, it is crucial that you do not overuse your keywords. While extensive use of keywords can result in a brief burst of traffic, it is a very bad idea for the long term stability of your website. Overuse of keywords can result in your website being permanently banned from search engines! This will vary drastically reduce the traffic to your website. In effect, this can ruin your website. However, you also need to be sure to use enough keywords. The use of enough keywords will make sure that your website gets a high level of traffic, without being penalized. Ideally, your website will contain between 1-3% keywords. This will be enough to result in higher search engine rankings, but it will be within the guidelines set by search engine’s rules.

You also don’t want to have your titles for pages too long. It is unnecessary to have long titles, because google doesn’t show all of it. People are not as likely to go to a page that shows incomplete titles. This can reduce the amount of traffic that your website gets. If the title that people see is a catchy, it can help to increase the traffic your website gets.

Furthermore, a well written meta description can increase the amount of traffic to your page. Meta descriptions show up on search engine results for your page, and it can either attract traffic or lessen traffic. Having a well worded meta description of 150-160 words is recommended. Furthermore, pay close attention to the wording of your meta description. It is important that it is eye catching to potential visitors to your page.

Make sure that your website remains focused on the subject at hand.
Having a website with rambling or unrelated subjects makes your use of keywords less effective. The keywords no longer directly pertain to the subjects you are discussing. This can result in your website having lower search engine rankings. Also, people are more inclined to go to a website that is focused on a particular topic. It appears much more organized.

The use of meta keywords is unnecessary, because search engines don’t look at them anymore.
It may actually be bad for business though, because your competitors might be looking at the meta keywords that you chose. If the competition starts using your keywords, it could potentially detract from your search engine rankings. It also could ultimately detract from business, because it could result in competition getting more website traffic.

Also, it is extremely important not to use multiple H1 tags for your website. If you do, google’s crawlers could detect this. This could result in consequences from google, which could greatly damage your SEO. As a result, you would likely get much less traffic to your website. If you are a business owner, this could be extremely bad for the success of your business. It also would have very negative impacts on your earnings from pay per click or pay per view ads.